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“When you combine their superior technology with their fantastic marketing support, it truly is a winning combination. Gryphon has helped elevate my practice to new levels.”

Dr. Maheep Goyal

About Us

Although we are a supplier of high end medical devices, at Gryphon Medical Systems our goals are about solutions, not sales. Though Medical Professionals and Organizations are our Customers, our end point revolves around helping patients.

Our philosophy suggests there is no point in being second best. Therefore, our technology is uncompromising and reflective of that objective. Every device we represent is an engineering marvel providing the safest and most effective outcome. Whether your area of specialty is podiatry, plastic surgery, general surgery, dermatology, or family practice, we have a laser to suit nearly every application.

If you are jaded by devices which oversell, under-deliver and do not reflect the standards your patients deserve, the family of lasers at Gryphon Medical will provide you and your patients with a refreshing change.

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Q-Switched Laser
Breakthrough treatment
for Nail Fungus