Buying Used Medical Equipment

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With the costs of medical supplies constantly on the rise and new technology emerging on nearly a daily basis, it can be difficult to keep up. For many physicians, the cost of maintaining a clinic or other medical facility can be a major challenge. By buying used medical equipment, however, it is possible to save a considerable amount of money without sacrificing patient care.

Several types of medical machines, including ultrasound machines, EKG machines, defibrillators and many others, can be purchased secondhand. By buying machines that are used or refurbished, it is often possible to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars when compared to buying new.

How To Buy Used Medical Equipment

When buying used medical equipment, it is best to shop with companies or medical technicians who are familiar with the field of used medical equipment. People who regularly deal in this field are familiar with the standards that are in place for medical equipment. They know how to fully test machines for proper functionality and how to thoroughly clean it. Buying used medical equipment from professional vendors ensures that you will get a machine that will last and be useful to your practice.

Before you make any purchase, ask any questions you may have. Quite often used medical machines are still new enough that there the manufacturer’s warranty is still valid. Always ask about this, and make sure to obtain any important documentation. This will ensure that you can have the machine serviced under warranty if necessary. Be sure to ask for manuals and maintenance records as well.

Buying Used Medical Equipment Online

If you are making your purchase online, ask to see several pictures of the machine you are thinking about buying. If possible, have it inspected by a certified inspector prior to making your purchase or ask to see documentation proving that it has already been inspected by the distributor. Knowing that machine lives up to safety standards as well as your own standards is the most important thing to keep in mind when shopping for secondhand equipment. A good price means very little if the machine cannot be safely used or if it is not functioning properly.

Because the medical field is constantly evolving, it is also important to do your research to make sure the machine isn’t outdated. While it isn’t always necessary to have the absolute latest technology, it is essential to at least be able to keep up with what patients see as current.

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