Dr Elliot Schnur Doylestown PA

Dr. Elliot Schnur – Doylestown, PA

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Dr Elliot Schnur - Doylestown, PA

Dr. Elliot Schnur – Doylestown, PA

Dr. Elliot Schnur Now Providing Patients in Doylestown, Pennsylvania and the Surrounding Areas with Nail Fungus Removal Using the Revolutionary Q-Clear Laser.

DOYLESTOWN, January 17, 2013 — Dr. Elliot Schnur has purchased the Q-Clear Laser System for use in his Doylestown, Pennsylvania office. This revolutionary machine is the only laser system that has been approved by the FDA specifically for treating onychomycosis, commonly known as nail fungus. He is the first physician to purchase this equipment, and he is the only doctor who can offer this service to residents of Doylestown and the surrounding areas.

Nail fungus is a common ailment among the adult population. It results in nails that turn yellow or white and become brittle. In many cases, the nail will also thicken and can eventually crack, split or start to pull away from the nail bed. It can affect both the finger nails and toe nails, but toe nail fungus is more common.

Because fungal infections lie beneath the nail, they can be difficult to reach using topical medications, and systemic oral medications are associated with a number of side effects. The Q-Clear laser, however, can be used to kill the infection without the risk of side effects and without harming the surrounding tissue.

The system works by precisely targeting the fungus. Using a handheld device, Dr. Schnur can deliver rapid pulses of laser energy to the infection, destroying it in a matter of minutes as opposed to the weeks or months that it can take for other methods to work. Patients do not experience any pain during the procedure. In fact, most report feeling nothing at all or, at most, a mild warming sensation. There are no side effects associated with nail fungus removal using the Q-Clear laser, and there is no need for any downtime. In the vast majority of cases, only one treatment is necessary. Patients may be able to see healthy nail growth within just a couple weeks, but full results will take several months.

Dr. Elliot Schnur is a certified family physician with 13 years of experience. He has been practicing since 1991, and in 2003, he opened Doylestown Family Medicine. There he provides patients with a caring relationship and state-of-the-art technology that allows him to accurately diagnose and treat a number of health problems. In addition to seeing patients in his office, Dr. Schnur is also a staff member at several skilled nursing facilities around Doylestown and at Doylestown Hospital.

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