Five Ways to Market, Communicate and Educate Patients

Just like in any other business, marketing is an essential aspect of running a successful healthcare practice.There are several simple steps you can take to communicate with patients about your practice and the services it provides. Here are five ways to market, communicate and educate patients.

1. Display marketing materials. One of the easiest ways to let patients know about something is through posters, brochures and other marketing materials that are available through your distributors. When placed in your waiting room, they will let your patients know about new equipment, procedures, medication or whatever your would like to tell them about.

2. Get a website. Very few physicians have their own website, yet the internet is one of the first places people check when they are looking for nearly any service provider – including doctors. With a professionally designed website, you can easily market your practice and the services to a virtually limitless audience.

3. Take advantage of social media. Social media is booming, and if you aren’t using it to reach your current and potential patients, you’re missing out. Though the use of social media sites like Facebook or LinkedIn, you can create a two-way environment where you can easily communicate with patients.

4. Don’t forget about traditional advertising methods. Though people tend to turn to the Internet for the information they need, traditional advertising and marketing through newspaper, television and radio ads can still be very effective. A well-placed ad can allow you to connect with people who actually may not have even been looking for a physician prior to seeing or hearing your ad.

5. Reach out with direct mail. Recently direct mail has become a common method of reaching out to potential patients. While other advertisements are easily overlooked, direct mail is almost always noticed. In addition to using direct mail to reach out to new people, it is also very beneficial when sent to existing patients to describe new treatments or services that you are offering.

When working to market your business and educate your patients, the most important thing to remember is to always present things in a manner that your patients will understand and that will make them feel at ease. Market your practice in a way that makes them feel that the business is all about them and their well-being. In doing so, you will be able to keep existing patients in addition to attracting new ones.

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Stephen C. Fox is the Founder and President of MedaVenture which provides management and consulting services for hundreds of aesthetic medical practices throughout the United States and Canada. For more information on MedaVenture and what they can do for your medical practice go to
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