Solutions Through Marketing
“Besides superior technology, the Marketing Support Gryphon provides has enhanced my practice into an entirely new way.”

Dr. Benjamin Schlechter

Marketing Packages

Gryphon Medical Systems can provide your practice with some of the most technologically advanced medical lasers available for nearly any aesthetic indication. While having the best devices can provide you with a significant leg up on your competition, getting the word out to patients – both existing and new – is also part of the Gryphon equation. We have the marketing materials and expertise necessary to maximize your investment in technology and ensure ongoing profitability.

Patient Brochures

Elegantly designed brochures specific to each service allows customization for you to make these your own. Present yourself and the advanced technology you use in the brightest and most favorable light, and your patients will respond to the motivating signals. You have the devices to satisfy your patient’s needs – make sure you get that message out to them! Our patient brochures will help ensure your success.

Print Ads

Traditional marketing like print advertisements is still a big part of a medical practice’s media mix. If you are embarking upon adding a new service to your practice, or simply want to improve upon an existing one, Gryphon Medical can provide you with numerous print ad options in each aesthetic category. Our ads are designed to inform and stimulate, but most importantly to drive patient traffic to your practice.

Radio Ads

Gryphon Medical has existing radio ads which are professionally produced and edited to get your service message out to the market! Easy customization allows for you to start increasing practice traffic as quickly as you can get the ad on the air. Choose from 15-second, 30-second, and 60-second options each customized with your phone number or website address.

Electronic Ads

Much like advertisements in a magazine, electronic ads are becoming the go-to marketing source as the general public becomes more Internet-dependent. Select the website you wish to advertise on, or allow us to perform a market assessment specific to your geographical area to help in the ad placement selection. The combination of our marketing expertise with fantastic electronic ads will drive patients to you website and your practice.

Email Campaigns

You have worked hard to build your practice. In the process you have likely accumulated hundreds if not thousands of patient leads. Use your existing resources to increase practice revenues by landing in your patient’s electronic in-box. Gryphon Medical has proven email campaigns designed to inform your patients and allow them to learn much more with a simple mouse click or two. These effective ads which incorporate exciting graphics with eye-catching subject lines will allow you to build on the loyalty your patients already have for you and your practice. What are you waiting for?

Internet Optimization

You likely already know you need an online presence, but do you know how to do it? Having your own website is a nice start, but alone it is hardly enough and will do little to actually grow your practice. Gryphon Medical can cut through the electronic confusion by promoting your name, your practice, and the services you provide on all the major search engines like Google, Yahoo! Bing, and dozens of others. We can provide you with enhanced exposure on Medical Directory websites, most of which are free. There’s Search Engine Optimization and then there’s Internet Optimization. Get found!

Website Design

If you are like most physicians and practices you already have a website, but is it really working for you? Is it optimally designed to not only effectively promote and inform your existing patients, but also to attract new ones? If your website is stagnant, ineffective, or worse yet has not been modified in two years or more, Gryphon Medical can give your existing site a face lift, or develop an altogether new, more effective site. Best yet, we can do so quickly and affordably.

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