Purchasing Used Medical Equipment

Purchasing Medical Equipment
In today’s world, advancements in the medical field are being made so quickly that it is difficult and very costly for medical practices to keep up with the latest technology. As a result, physicians are often forced to make difficult decisions regarding what equipment they can afford to invest in. While sales representatives can make the latest, top-of-the-line models look like must-have products, the truth is that medical equipment last for years, and often, a model from a year or two ago is very similar to the most recent model. As a result, purchasing used medical equipment makes it possible to get the equipment you need at a more affordable price. Read More

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How to Minimize Patient Wait Time

Minimize patient wait time
When a patient arrives to see a physician on time for a scheduled appointment, having to wait an extended amount of time can be a very frustrating experience. While they realize that doctors are busy and their time is important, they also feel that their own time is important. Being left to sit in a waiting room well past the time of his or her appointment often leaves the patient feeling disrespected and as if the doctor or practice doesn’t care. It is essential that doctors know how to minimize patient wait time. While waiting is sometimes inevitable, there are ways to reduce patient wait time and make it easier to cope with when it cannot be prevented. Read More

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IPL vs Laser Hair Removal

Unwanted hair is a very common complaint among both men and women. It can occur most anywhere on the face and body, and it can be very embarrassing and difficult to remove. Many people are looking for simple ways of permanently removing hair so they no longer have to worry about shaving, waxing or other short-term solutions. Two common methods of long-term hair removal are laser hair removal and intense pulsed light, also known as IPL. Read More

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Selling Used Medical Equipment

With new technology emerging in the medical field on nearly a daily basis, it is inevitable that, at some point, you will find yourself with used equipment that you are no longer in need of. Selling used medical equipment is an excellent way to clear out space while earning a bit of money to reinvest in newer equipment for your practice.
Used Medical Equipment
There are numerous benefits to selling used medical equipment as opposed to keeping or discarding it. Depending upon what type of machine it is, throwing it away can be quite costly due to the regulations for properly disposing of used medical devices. Selling it saves space in landfills, and it increases the amount of money in your bank account. Additionally, although it may not be up to the standards of your practice, it may be exactly what another physician or healthcare facility is looking for. By selling it to them used, you can save them a lot of money while allowing them to get the equipment they need. Read More

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Should My Practice Have a Website?

should my practice have a website
As a physician looking to expand your practice, you may be asking yourself, “Should my practice have a website?” Yes, you absolutely should! While it is true that many doctors and healthcare facilities presently do not have a strong online presence, it is also true that consumers are turning to the Internet more and more when trying to locate any type of service provider. This includes professionals in the healthcare industry. Having a strong website will help you connect with both existing and potential new patients. Read More

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Should I Be On an Online Directory?

Internet Directory
While people once relied on the Yellow Pages and word-of-mouth when trying to locate a new doctor or medical facility, this is no longer true. More often, they are turning to the Internet. By browsing the Web, they are able to access a vast amount of information in a matter of seconds. While many physicians and healthcare facilities have not yet made the leap to promoting their services online, potential patients are already trying to find them there. Doctors need to begin to ask themselves, “Should I be on an online directory?” By listing yourself on an online directory or two, you can be sure that people will find you when they are searching for a healthcare provider. Read More

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Five Ways to Market, Communicate and Educate Patients

Just like in any other business, marketing is an essential aspect of running a successful healthcare practice.There are several simple steps you can take to communicate with patients about your practice and the services it provides. Here are five ways to market, communicate and educate patients. Read More

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Buying Used Medical Equipment

voluson 730
With the costs of medical supplies constantly on the rise and new technology emerging on nearly a daily basis, it can be difficult to keep up. For many physicians, the cost of maintaining a clinic or other medical facility can be a major challenge. By buying used medical equipment, however, it is possible to save a considerable amount of money without sacrificing patient care. Read More

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How to Build Patient Loyalty

How to Build Patient Loyalty
Loyalty is an essential aspect of any business. Building and maintaining patient loyalty is just as important as gaining repeat customers in any other business. Loyal patients make your practice money because they are willing to keep coming back for your services. Often they will share their experiences with their friends and family. This can equate to free publicity for you. But you may not be sure how to build patient loyalty. There are several simple things that you can do to build patient loyalty. Read More

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Q-Clear Laser System vs PinPointe Foot Laser

This comparison between the Q-Clear Laser System vs PinPointe Foot Laser for the treatment of onychomycosis otherwise known as nail fungus, gives bullet points as to why one system is superior to the other. If you are in the market for a laser system to help patients with onychomycosis, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed by the available options. Knowing which system will best suit the needs of both your practice and your patients can be a challenge. Two of the most popular and most effective lasers available on the market today for treating nail fungus are the Q-Clear Laser System and the PinPointe Foot Laser. Though both are clinically proven methods of clearing onychomycosis, each system has its own distinct advantages and disadvantages. Read More

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Dr Elliot Schnur Doylestown PA

Dr. Elliot Schnur – Doylestown, PA

For Immediate Release

Dr Elliot Schnur - Doylestown, PA

Dr. Elliot Schnur – Doylestown, PA

Dr. Elliot Schnur Now Providing Patients in Doylestown, Pennsylvania and the Surrounding Areas with Nail Fungus Removal Using the Revolutionary Q-Clear Laser.

DOYLESTOWN, January 17, 2013 — Dr. Elliot Schnur has purchased the Q-Clear Laser System for use in his Doylestown, Pennsylvania office. This revolutionary machine is the only laser system that has been approved by the FDA specifically for treating onychomycosis, commonly known as nail fungus. He is the first physician to purchase this equipment, and he is the only doctor who can offer this service to residents of Doylestown and the surrounding areas.
Read More

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How To Sell Patients An Elective Laser Procedure

In the 1989 classic film “Field of Dreams”, corn farmer Ray Kinsella (played by Kevin Costner) hears the now familiar phrase in a smoky whisper: “Build it and they will come”. Ray doesn’t understand the message, he doesn’t know what it means, and he doesn’t know who’s uttering these words. Disregarding logic and motivated by nothing more than faith, Ray plows over a large chunk of his crop to build his pristine baseball diamond.

Sometimes physicians need to suspend their own beliefs and dispel long held perceptions of what their patients will and will not do. Or more specifically, what they will and will not buy.

Patients WILL buy elective Nail Fungus Treatments

The recent advent of lasers to treat nail fungus has brought an interesting debate to light. That is, will patients stick to traditional alternatives that are covered by their medical insurance, or will they pay out of pocket for an elective laser procedure? Perhaps some doctors have become so accustomed to seeing so many patients with nail fungus – after all it affects an estimated 10% of the adult US population – that they are strictly rooted in the mindset of traditional treatment methods. Perhaps they are inhibited by their own beliefs that patients will not pay $500, $600, $700 or more to treat nail fungus when that expense comes directly out of the patient’s own pocket. In such cases, the physician becomes his own worst enemy. Read More

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Living Social and Groupon–Are Discount Programs Worth It?

Groupon Screen CaptureDiscount programs are everywhere and nearly everyone has now heard of them. What first began as a marketing niche geared towards bargain hunters has now mushroomed into mainstream consciousness with national programs such as Living Social and Groupon. Though it took awhile, the medical community has now jumped in too, with discounts on such services such as teeth whitening, laser hair removal, laser nail fungus, and cellulite reduction just to name a few. Whether your practice has participated in such a program yet or not, it is important to understand how this phenomenon may affect your business.

The Fundamentals of Discount Programs, Are They Worth It?

First off, here is a little primer on how programs like Living Social and Groupon work. These discounting companies use massive email databases to reach the inboxes of customers. Sure, an individual can opt-out of such emails, but most people don’t. After all, you never know when something you really want gets discounted. For those people on these email lists, they get AT LEAST one new offer EVERY DAY.

The participating business will offer a service at typically a 50% discount (or more) off their regular fee. So for the Customer, instead of paying $50 for a widget, they can now get it for $25. They pay the Promoting Discount Company (like Living Social and Groupon) directly and then get emailed a voucher for redemption. The promotion can run anywhere from one day to one week and once the program expires, the offer expires. At that point, the participating company will be emailed a list of names of customers who have purchased their service, along with a redemption voucher number. However, Read More

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Tattoo Craze Has Turned to Regret for Many

Assuming you are standing between two adults aged 26–40 years old, turn to the person on your left, and then turn to the person on your right. Statistical probability Tattoo Craze Turned To Regretsuggests that one of those people will have a tattoo. There is no denying the surge in popularity of body ink; it has spawned magazines on the subject, countless websites, and numerous television programs like “LA Ink”.

According to Pew Research Center, about $1.65 billion dollars was spent by Americans last year on tattoos, with the total number of people sporting at least one tattoo pegged at 45 million. Perhaps more interesting and relevant to physicians is the fact that 17% of people with tattoos polled indicate that they have at least some regret over their tattoo, and 11% suggesting they have or will have a tattoo removed by laser. Read More

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How to Find the Best Laser Hair Removal Device

Laser Hair Removal Showing No Signs of Slowing Down

If you are a physician dealing in any way, shape or form with aesthetic medicine, you are probably already aware of the patient demand for laser hair removal. According to statistics published by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there were roughly 1.1 million laser hair removal procedures performed in 2011. This made laser hair removal the 3rd most popular treatment amongst minimally non-invasive procedures, behind only botulinum toxin-A (Botox™) and soft tissue dermal fillers. Read More

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The Best Hair Removal Laser in the World

Polling Physicians

In trying to determine if there is indeed one hair removal laser that is superior to all others, we leaned on the highly reputable medical website BoardCertified.com to solicit their opinion. In turn, BoardCertified.com polled physicians from their massive national database to try and establish a definitive answer.
In order to determine the Best Hair Removal Laser some of the polling questions asked were:

  • What laser do you use for hair removal?
  • Grade Your Laser in Terms Of:

  • Patient Safety
  • Device Reliability
  • Overall Patient Satisfaction
  • Clearance Speed per Treatment
  • # of Treatments Needed to Reach Endpoint?
  • Patient Comfort Level
  • Degree of Permanence in Results
  • Would You Recommend the Device?

And the Winner is…

The best hair removal laser as voted on by physician through a poll conducted by BoardCertified.com was…. a tie! Well, sort of…. The EpiCare DUO and the EpiCare LPX both received the highest overall cumulative grades in poll results. Both devices are manufactured by LightAge Incorporated, based in Somerset, NJ. Perhaps in retrospect, this result should not have been all that surprising considering Dr. Donald Heller of LightAge is the actual inventor of the Alexandrite laser technology. Read More

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Laser Ushers in a New Era of Treating Nail Fungus

Traditional Treatment Methods Slowly but Surely Falling Out of Favor

Nail Fungus (Onychomycosis) is a problem that affects an estimated 35 million Americans and has long caused both physical and emotional distress to those afflicted. Traditionally, physicians have acknowledged the challenge of eliminating the fungus due to its hardy nature and its embedded and difficult-to-reach location underneath the nail. Topical applications have had limited success and are viewed as nothing more than a containment approach. In other words, the topical application won’t necessarily “cure” the nail fungus, but it should prevent worsening or spreading. Oral medications such as Lamisil do work for people in an estimated 50% of cases and possibly slightly higher, but any success comes with significant and potentially serious side effects often requiring constant blood testing to monitor for potentially serious complications. Given these considerations, many patients simply won’t bother.

Laser Technology Offers Something New, Something Better fro Treating Nail Fungus

Within the past few years, lasers are being increasingly used for treating onychomycosis. The wavelengths available for treating nail fungus are: Read More

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