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Dr. Maheep Goyal

Physician Testimonials

Physician Testimonials

“I have found that the Q-Clear Laser System not only provides highly effective treatment for onychomycosis without the need for use of medications, but it may very well be the best device ever for this indication. The unique characteristics of the Q-Clear provide advantages not associated with any other treatment or laser system currently available. I perform one quick, simple treatment and my patients are happy.”

Dr. Eric Gunn

“I consider the Q-Clear Laser System to be a significant breakthrough in the treatment of onychomycosis. I previously used a long pulsed 1064 nm laser specifically indicated for nail fungus with decent results, but numerous return treatments. Virtually every patient I now treat on the Q-Clear requires one quick, simple, treatment and they are done. It’s remarkable the positive impact that such a compact and inexpensive device has had on my practice.”

Dr. Maheep Goyal, Board Certified Radiologist
Symphony Laser Center

“I have used many types of lasers in my plastic surgery practice for numerous applications. The EpiCare DUO is by far the most versatile, powerful, effective and user friendly of any laser in my practice. For hair removal, I am achieving superior results in about half the per- treatment time as well as about half the number of total treatments as previous lasers with unprecedented patient satisfaction. I also have achieved tremendous results in anti-aging treatments such as wrinkle reduction, pigmented lesions and more. The EpiCare DUO literally replaces 3 or 4 of my other lasers.”

Dr. Benjamin Schlechter, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
Proserpi-Schlechter Center for Plastic Surgery

“The EpiCare LPX is the finest hair removal laser I’ve ever owned. It seems that most manufacturers are satisfied making weaker devices that achieve diminished results. It’s refreshing then to find a device like the EpiCare LPX which is the strongest and fastest variable pulsed Alexandrite laser I’ve ever seen. Since most of the overhead in treating patients is related to labor costs, the EpiCare LPX is a bargain because the end result has been faster and fewer treatments for patients. I’m happy and my patients are happy.”

Dr. Alan Rosenbach, Board Certified Dermatologist
Voted Top Dermatologist, LA Confidential Magazine

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