Q-Clear Laser System vs PinPointe Foot Laser

This comparison between the Q-Clear Laser System vs PinPointe Foot Laser for the treatment of onychomycosis otherwise known as nail fungus, gives bullet points as to why one system is superior to the other. If you are in the market for a laser system to help patients with onychomycosis, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed by the available options. Knowing which system will best suit the needs of both your practice and your patients can be a challenge. Two of the most popular and most effective lasers available on the market today for treating nail fungus are the Q-Clear Laser System and the PinPointe Foot Laser. Though both are clinically proven methods of clearing onychomycosis, each system has its own distinct advantages and disadvantages.


Q-Clear Laser System

Compact Q-Clear Laser

  • The Q-Clear Laser System has been approved by the FDA for several applications including the removal of tattoos, spider veins, warts and vascular lesions as well as for the treatment of onychomycosis.
  • 100% of patients with nail fungus report being satisfied with the results. In a clinical study, significant improvement in the appearance of the nail occurred in 97% of participants.
  • The Q-Clear Laser System is not associated with any known side effects.
  • Weighing in at a mere 35 pounds, the entire system is compact enough to place on a table or counter, and it is easy to store when not in use. Its small size also makes it extremely portable.
  • Utilizes dual wavelength laser technology which helps create single treatment results, making it more profitable to operate than other lasers.
  • The Q-Clear Laser is the only system that can be used to safely treat diabetics and people with poor circulation.


  • Treatments are seen as cosmetic and not covered by insurance.


PointPointe Foot Laser

Pin Pointe laser

  • The PinPointe Foot Laser has been approved by the FDA for the temporary clearing of nails infected with fungus.
  • The system includes a handheld device that is similar in shape to a pen. It is ergonomic, making it very comfortable to use.
  • The procedure is completely safe and painless for the vast majority of patients.


  • The PinPointe Foot Laser usually requires three or more sessions before seeing any results for treating onychomycosis.
  • In rare cases, patients may experience a burning sensation during the procedure. Discoloration or burn marks on the surface of the nail is possible.
  • The PinPoint Foot Laser is a box system that takes up valuable space in small offices. Though smaller than some other systems, it still is far from being the most compact on the market.
  • It uses a single laser wavelength that is not as effective as the dual wavelengths utilized by the Q-Clear Laser System.
  • Insurance companies do not cover treatments because they are considered cosmetic.


Choosing the right laser system for your practice is a good way to attract patients and increase your profits. For many physicians, the Q-Clear Laser System is a more attractive choice than the PinPointe Foot Laser because it is more versatile, easy to transport and provides excellent results.

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