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Product Advantages

The Q-Clear Laser System is simply the most advanced form of treatment for onychomycosis, or nail fungus.

How the Q-Clear Laser System is Superior to Any Other Treatment Method

Topical Medications ……… Average Treatment Success Rate: 4% – 6%

Topical medications or anti-fungal lacquers are not viewed as a cure for nail fungus, but rather as a means of decreasing the likelihood of the fungus worsening or spreading.

Oral Medications ……….… Average Treatment Success Rate: 45% – 55%

The use of prescription medication to treat nail fungus is not well tolerated by some people. Side effects can include skin rashes to liver damage and doctors will be particularly cautious prescribing these medications to anyone with liver disease or suffering from congestive heart failure.

Lasers Therapy ……….….. Average Treatment Success Rate: 70% – 75%

The advent of using lasers to treat and destroy nail fungus has generally been met with tempered optimism. Indeed, the earliest forms of laser technology to be FDA-approved for onychomycosis have met or exceeded the success rates of Oral Medications. However, in every case, a multiple treatment protocol of 3 or more sessions is necessary and in some cases with considerable patient discomfort.

Q-Clear Laser System …… Average Treatment Success Rate: 97%

Until the introduction of the Q-Clear Laser System, the only FDA-approved laser treatments required long pulsed Nd:YAG laser systems. The Q-Clear Laser is the first and only device to use a Q-switched short pulse format for this indication which is generally regarded as the technological key to enhanced results. The Q-Clear Laser System not only has the highest clinical success rate compared to other devices, but also does so with less patient discomfort in one, fast, simple treatment and is the only device proven to safely treat diabetic patients and those with compromised circulation.

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