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Revenues Model

Nail fungus is an issue that affects an estimated 35 million Americans. Up until only very recently, practitioners were limited to prescribing oral or topical medications to treat this affliction, with poor to moderate results at best.

The advent of FDA-approved lasers for the purpose of treating nail fungus has created something of a cash-cow business for physicians, as this is a 100% cash-based procedure not covered by insurance. The Q-Switched Q-Clear Laser has demonstrated the highest success rate of any device in a single treatment and affords a tremendous opportunity to help patients in an unprecedented way, while also stimulating your own practice revenues.


As a baseline estimate, determine how many patients per week you see with nail fungus issues and divide this number in half to establish your likely minimum conversion rate to laser treatments.

Average Treatment Duration = 10 minutes ~ Average Treatment Cost = $500*

Treatments / Week

Revenues / Week

Revenues / Year













*Cash-Based Fees typically range between $400 to $900.

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